Board of Directors

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2016-2017 Board of Directors

Mandi Witkower

President, Media Auction Chair, AdBAM Co-Chair

Joshua Bonner

Vice President, AdBAM Co-Chair

Andrea de Francisco Shek

Treasurer, ADDY's Co-Chair, Communications Co-Chair

Brandon Marley

Secretary, ADDY's Co-Chair, Social Co-Chair

Sarah Hahne

Communications Co-Chair

Dayna Smith

Social Co-Chair

Jamie Steinberg

Social Media Chair

Barb Chodos

Programs Chair

Russel Sedlaczek

Scholarship Co-Chair, Membership Co-Chair

Jeff Levine

Past President, Scholarship Co-Chair

Julie Wilson



 Desert Ad Fed is a non-profit organization of professionals dedicated to enhancing the advertising profession through fellowship, education, community service and public awareness. 

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